Guess What?…It’s Hip To Caravan!

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Australians Love Caravan And Camping Holidays

Last year 89.9 million Australians stayed overnight in caravan parks.

When most people see a caravan ahead of them on the road, they expect to see someone with grey hair at the wheel. The image of the retired couple getting their way around Australia is what we’ve come to expect in caravans and campers. But according to recent research, this is changing. Caravan and camping is becoming popular with a much younger crowd, with caravan retailers reporting the majority of caravans are being purchased by people under the age of 55.  In fact 30 – 54 year olds last year made up 40% of nights spent caravan and camping – an increase of 20% on the previous year.

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All Year Caravan Adventure

With increased uncertainty internationally, a wider demographic of Australians are deciding to stay home and are swapping expensive hotels and B & B’s for the experience of the great outdoors and enjoying a meal around a camp fire. And it seems caravan and campers aren’t deterred by cold winter weather either. Travellers are continuing to holiday during winter, with all Australian states recording an increase in travel across the year.

Reasons We Love Caravan & Camping

Of course those who have been camping for years already know the advantages of camping over other types of holidays.

It Costs Less

One of the most attractive aspects of caravan and camping holidays is their affordability. Powered sites cost between $38 and $50 per night, which is significantly cheaper than other forms of accommodation. Cooking facilities on board your caravan and in many large caravan parks, means you save significant money cooking for yourself and avoiding eating at restaurants.

If you take the kids, there’s often plenty of entertainment in the major caravan parks to keep kids occupied, including games rooms, trampolines, swimming pools, tennis and basketball courts…not to mention other kids.

The biggest expense on a caravan and camping holiday is petrol.

We Don’t Have To Commit

Caravan and campers know the feeling of freedom that holidaying outdoors provides. Depending on the time of year, it’s not always necessary to book ahead. A caravan holiday allows travellers the flexibility of making decisions about where to camp for the night as they go along. Some prefer to go off the beaten track and stay at free camping sites with more rugged natural beauty and privacy.

We’ve all had the experience at some point of checking in somewhere and finding it’s nothing like we expected. The great thing about a caravan or camping holiday is that if you decide it’s not for you or you don’t like your neighbours, moving on is easy and it won’t cost you hundreds of dollars.

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We Can Stay Forever!

Recent statistics showing an increase in caravan holidays, also reported that travellers are spending more days away when they caravan or camp. We’re not surprised. Many people can perhaps manage a weekend away in a B & B, but any more than that stretches the budget. The relative affordability of a caravan holiday means travellers can afford to enjoy many more days at a camping site exploring the area.

It Makes Us Happy

We know it. That’s why we prefer caravan and camping over most other types of holiday. Spending time in the outdoors and in nature is known to have psychological benefits. Research by the Caravan Industry Association Of Australia found that caravan and campers report experiencing more happiness, optimism, energy, and less stress and loneliness.


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