ALKO ESC – Caravan Brakes

caravan over bridge at sunset

When you are pulling a large, heavy load and have to brake suddenly or swerve to avoid something on the road, accidents can happen. As approved insurance repairers, we repair a lot of caravans that need costly repairs after jack-knifing accidents. These types of accidents involve significant damage to the frame of the van, the outrigger and suspension.

Because of the seriousness of these types of jack-knifing accidents, many of our customers are concerned about safety on the road.

What is jack-knifing? Jack-knifing occurs when a caravan increasingly builds up sway, often resulting from swerving to avoid something or over correcting. In these situations travellers can run off the road or into oncoming traffic, resulting in serious injury or death. These types of accidents are reported fairly regularly.

The good news is that there is a way to decrease the chances of this happening and increase driving safety by installing electronic stability control on your caravan brakes. AL-KO Esc is an electronic stability control system that increases safety and control when towing a caravan or trailer. The system works through the use of sensors which activate all the brakes when severe sideways movement (or sway) is detected. The system slows speed and shortens the stopping distance.

The AL-KO Esc braking system has been specifically designed to prevent jack-knifing.  The Australian designed electronic stability control system by AL-KO Esc is described by the company as an electronic sway control system that is designed to work under extreme conditions.

It is also important to remember that improving safety on the road also includes regular servicing and ensuring your brakes are checked every 10,000 kms. Additionally it is important to drive smart and always ensure you take regular breaks when traveling long distances to prevent driver fatigue.

If you would like advice on installing AL-KO Esc caravan brakes, electric brake controllers, or  caravan breakaway systems, contact our caravan repair centre.