Caravan Security & Anti Theft Devices

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Your caravan is a valuable asset and is vulnerable to theft whether it’s stored at home, or when you’re on the road. If you love getting off the beaten track to utilise free camping spots there’ll be times when your caravan will be left unattended – maybe for a few hours, or up to several days. For your own peace of mind, and to protect your caravan and possessions, its a good idea to consider some type of caravan security or anti theft device.

Caravan Security & Anti Theft Devices

No matter what your budget, there are a range of caravan security mechanisms and anti theft devices to suit. Depending on how concerned you are about safety, and how much you want to invest, you can use multiple devices to beef up security or invest in a single GPS anti theft device. There are also some really simple and inexpensive security mechanisms, that aren’t full proof, but do a good job of making it more difficult for thieves.

Wheel Clamps

Wheel clamps are a super effective form of caravan security. Clamping the wheels makes them unable to roll and makes your van impossible to tow away. You can purchase different types of wheel clamps from Super Cheap Auto or even from Bunnings. The SCA Wheel Clamp is an affordable option for around $72.

Another way of clamping the wheels is to use a steel cable placed through the slots in your caravan wheels. On a single axle caravan, you can place the cable around a spring or part of the frame. This is easier and quicker than using a purpose built wheel clamp. Make sure you use thick, sturdy steel cable line. You can also combine this security method with a quality coupling lock, to boost security.

Saracen caravan hitch lock caravan security
A Saracen caravan hitch lock made from hardened high strength ste
The Korvix alarmed trailer lock is an effective caravan anti theft device
The Korvix alarmed trailer lock is an effective caravan anti theft device

Coupling Locks

Coupling locks are a good way to secure your caravan and protect it from thieves. A basic coupling lock is available from Bunnings. The Saracen caravan hitch lock is made from high tensile steel and is resistant to cutting and drilling. It retails for around $80.

Coupling locks fit over the coupling of your trailer or caravan and either prevent anyone from hitching up your caravan to their tow vehicle, or from releasing the coupling when it is attached to your vehicle.

A universal coupling lock can only be used when your caravan is unhitched from your vehicle. A universal coupling lock has a ball, over which the coupling of your trailer or caravan fits. A bar attaches over the coupling, preventing it from being released.

An Alarmed coupling lock provides maximum security for your trailer or caravan by combining a coupling lock with an alarm that will warn off thieves if they attempt to tamper with the coupling. The Korvix KTR-18 is Australian designed and has a 120db alarm, activated by movement. The lock’s alarm can be turned to ‘on’ or ‘off’. This device is rust resistant and has an anti cutting sleeve, making it tough and thief resistant. It retails for around $180.

Caravan GPS Tracking

GPS tracking for your caravan or trailer is probably regarded as the top anti theft device for your caravan. It’s also not too expensive. If your caravan is your pride and joy, then GPS tracking is the way to go.

GPS tracking works by tracking the location of your caravan using a small device – not much bigger than the automatic keyless entry device for your car. Your  caravan is tracked via a website or app on your phone. GPS tracking usually has an annual fee of around $200.

AL KO manufactures a high quality GPS tracking device, the AL KO ATS GPS Tracker for your caravan. The ATS uses state of the art tracking technology and innovative data dot tagging to track your van if it is stolen. About the size of a box of matches, the ATS can be hidden in an undetectable place inside your van. It is activated by motion and once activated relays the position of your caravan back to the base. You can also put a ‘geo fence’ around your van, which sends an alarm if your trailer moves beyond the perimeter of the geo fence.

Other Security Measures

While you can invest in a range of purpose built caravan security mechanisms or anti theft devices, there are also a range of different things you can do if you leave your caravan at an isolated camping spot. A caravan is large and potential thieves don’t want to risk being caught. Anything that makes the task more difficult is going to make it less likely that thieves will persist. successful.

One simple measure is to keep your awning out and padlock the arm, or to put a padlock on your caravan legs. If you worry about the potential for your caravan to be stolen, be discerning about the types of camping spots you choose – particularly if you are going to be away from your caravan for any length of time.

Secure caravan storage at Emu Caravan Repairs in Ferntree Gully

Secure Caravan Storage

When you are not on the road, it can be even more important to make sure your caravan is stored securely. If possible, cover your caravan to protect it from the elements and store it in a lockable garage or within a lockable yard. If you cannot store your caravan behind a lockable perimeter, it is even more important that you invest in caravan security, by purchasing an anti theft device such as a coupling lock or wheel clamp.

If storing your caravan securely at home is difficult, it may be worth considering professional caravan storage. Make sure to do your homework before choosing a business to store your trailer or caravan, and consider a location that is close to home.

Did you know that Emu Caravan Repairs now provide secure caravan storage at our larger premises in Ferntree Gully? We even provide you with a free caravan wash each year when you book annual storage. Find out more about our competitive pricing for caravan storage, or contact the Emu team to book caravan storage.