Great Camping & Caravan Supplies For Summer

Christmas camping caravan supplies

Awesome Camping & Caravan Supplies For Christmas

Have you just woken up and realised Christmas is just around the corner? The problem of what to buy for family or friends comes around once a year and can send you bonkers. There’s nothing like the first few caravan and camping holidays to turn you into a practical, space-saving and safety-conscious nut. So if you’ve got family or friends who love the outdoors, or have a summer camping holiday planned, why not give them something practical and choose camping and caravan supplies that will make holidaying easier and more enjoyable.

There are so many great caravan supplies and camping accessories available that increase convenience, safety and provide more storage space where it counts. And…there’s something for every member of the family to enjoy.

Save Your Back – Portable Water Storage

There’s nothing worse than running short of water and lugging water to your site can be put a real strain on your back. Investing in portable water storage with wheels is a super practical gift. Forty litre tanks with a water level indicator and air release are available for between $70 and $80. Make the designated water carrier happy and save on chiro bills.

Tip: If you are going off road, particularly in summer, it’s important to carry enough water. Extra water tanks can be fitted to your caravan or camper trailer. A water storage system connecting multiple tanks can be tailored to suit all your storage needs and can be installed by your local caravan modification and repairs centre.


Travel Buddy caravan supplies cookin

Cook Like A Master – Outdoor Oven

It’s not much fun cooking the christmas roast in your caravan on a 35 degree day. If you’ve got a camper trailer cooking a roast is pretty much out of the question.

Outdoor ovens are really popular with caravan and campers and allow you to cook an entire baked dinner or heat up food, without heating up your caravan. They can also work when you’re on the road by plugging into the cigarette lighter.

The Travel Buddy is a 12 volt portable oven, insulated with stainless steel and manufactured in Australia.


pop up storage caravan supplies

Increase Space – Pop Up Storage

Some of the most popular camping and caravan supplies and accessories are the ones that increase your storage space. Pop-up plastic storage containers in all sizes are ideal for storing food and extra clothes and linen when you’re staying longer. When you’re not using them, they collapse flat!

The range of Pop-up storage accessories for caravans also includes baskets for storing dirty clothes and for your recycling. Storage tubs are available up to 30 litres in size and for those concerned about food safety, food storage containers are available BPA free.

Cooking pots are a large item you can’t do without when you go camping. It’d be great if you could get a cooking pot that was collapsible. Well you can! Collapsible cooking pots are available in a range of sizes and collapse flat for convenient storage.


caravan supplies awnings

Keep Cool – Sun Protection Awnings

When you’re kicking back on a summer holiday, you want to make sure you have protection from the sun. A sun protection awning can increase the amount of space you have when extra guests arrive and protect you from harsh UV rays when  the sun circles round each day.

A range of awnings are available that provide up to 95% UV protection or can provide an end-wall made from shade-mesh that attaches to your existing awning.

Tip: Before you go on holiday make sure you get any caravan awning repairs done. Checking and cleaning canvas awnings are an important part of caravan maintenance. Check for mould and clean properly to kill mould spores. Get any tears repaired and check that metal extension arms are all in working order and aren’t bent.


solar caravan supplies

Go Solar – Solar Mat Kit

Solar panels are one of the biggest growth areas in camping and caravan supplies. Panels can be permanently fitted to the roof of your caravan or there are a number of affordable portable options, that when connected to a good quality battery will allow you to be off-grid up to a week at a time.

For the self sufficient adventurer, a solar mat kit is an ideal gift. These new foldout 200 watt solar kits can be placed on the bonnet of your car, or on the ground and are ideal for camper trailers. These kits are super efficient and will keep you and your fridge self-sufficient for days.

Tip: Talk to your caravan service centre about options for installing a caravan solar system, on you caravan or camper trailer. Although DIY kits are available sometimes fittings will need to match your caravan specifications. A caravan electrics expert will be able to help and can advise on the best quality battery and system for your needs.


Always Look Your Best – Hair Straightener & Dryer

For the younger members of the family or for those who can’t leave home without the hairdryer, a 12 volt hairdryer or hair straightener is the ideal present, allowing you to keep looking your best when you’re on the road.


Before Your Go

Don’t forget to get your caravan or camper trailer serviced before you head out on the road this summer. Caravans should be serviced regularly – every 10,000 kilometres. To book a caravan service in Melbourne, contact Emu Caravan Repairs in Ferntree Gully. We take care of caravan and trailer servicing, modifications and repairs, caravan insurance, caravan electrics and solar installations. Book your service with us today.