Caravan Repairs – The Big 5

caravan repairs melbourne top five maintenance tasks

Caravan Repairs Melbourne – Insurance For A Great Holiday

We’re coming to the end of summer and many people are already planning a getaway for Easter. That’s what it’s like when you’ve got the caravanning and camping bug – as soon as you arrive home, you start planning the next trip.

There’s nothing like the feeling of getting on the road and heading off to a favourite location or to somewhere you’ve never been. The sense of adventure in die hard explorers is strong. But don’t let your enthusiasm to get out on the road mean you forget about some basic caravan repairs and checks before you leave. No matter whether you just returned from a holiday a month or twelve months ago, a thorough check of some basics is crucial and will ensure a safe and stress free holiday.

At Emu Caravan Repairs Melbourne we see people with some really big repairs that could have been easily avoided with a quick check of their caravan by an expert caravan repairs service centre. So here’s our advice on five big things to have checked on your van before setting out.

caravan insurance repairs - suspension
Wheel bearings & suspension need to be checked every 10,000kms.

Caravan Repairs Check #1 – Wheel Bearings

Depending on how many kilometres you are doing, wheel bearings need to be checked every 10,000 kms or 12 months. They should be replaced if there are any signs of wear. If wheel bearings are not maintained it can result in a build up of heat and ultimately lead to the wheel bearings seizing up and a nasty accident.

The bearings (which consist of a cup and a cone) need to be thoroughly inspected for signs of pitting. Wear and pitting signals they need to be replaced. Oil seals should be checked and should be regularly re-greased and packed during your caravan service.

Caravan Repairs Check #2 – Brakes

Because caravans are heavy, brake safety is paramount. Brakes need to be checked every 10,000 kms during an annual service. Brake shoes, brake linings and electric brake magnets need to be checked, as well as ensuring the handbrake is working properly. It is recommended that electric brake magnets be checked after 10,000 kilometres or annually.

Caravan Repairs Check #3 – Suspension

The suspension on your caravan should be checked before starting on your next holiday. This is particularly important on older caravans which weren’t built to travel the long distances of newer model caravans.

All springs and suspension components need to be checked every 10,000kms or once a year and parts replaced when there are any signs of wear. Independent suspension also needs to be checked and may need aligning at this time.

caravan towball
Correct weight distribution avoids tipping.

Caravan Repairs Check #4 – Weight Distribution

Correct weight distribution when towing is an important part of safe caravanning. When a caravan is attached to a towing vehicle, it can cause the rear of the vehicle to sag, and if the weight is not adjusted, this can cause serious damage and potentially cause the caravan to topple.

When the caravan is attached to the towbar (without the jockey wheel), the van should be sitting straight. Many people don’t know the weight of their van or how to determine whether once hitched, the weight is distributed safely. Before you set out on a trip with a new caravan or towing vehicle it is essential to check your weight distribution.

An experienced caravan repairs and maintenance service, like Emu Caravan Repairs can assess your caravan and vehicle for safe weight distribution.  We may recommend a load leveller, stabiliser or WDH (weigh distribution hitch) be used to solve any problem of uneven weight distribution across the caravan and the towing vehicle.

It is important to never attach a larger weight to the towbar than is specifies. Contrary to what some people think, attaching a WDH does not enable you to increase the towed weight beyond the maximum specified for the towbar.

caravan service Melbourne - wheels
Tyre safety checks are essential.

Caravan Repairs Check #4 – Tyres

Tyres should always be checked before starting out on your holiday. Check the tread, as well as the air pressure. If the pressure is too high, punctures are more likely. Pressure that is too low can cause sidewall problems.

When your van is stored for long periods (as it may during winter) it is wise to rotate the wheels and to make sure the van is not standing on a surface where there are solvents that may cause the tyres to deteriorate. Also don’t forget to check your spare tyre during your full caravan safety check.

Reliable Caravan Repairs Melbourne

When you’re thinking about your next caravan or camping trip, don’t forget to leave enough time to book your caravan in for a quick maintenance check and deal with any minor or major caravan repairs. It’s important to keep on top of the safety checks for the wheel bearings, brakes, suspension, weight distribution and tyres.

If you are regular with your caravan service and get it serviced and maintained by a reliable caravan repairs centre, you’ll be rewarded with peace of mind and many years of happy caravanning.

Caravan repairs and servicing is not expensive. At Emu Caravan Repairs Melbourne we do all caravan repairs and modifications and caravan servicing, as well as popular modifications, like installing solar panels and 12 volt systems to increase off road capabilities.

To book your caravan for a service or if you have any questions contact the friendly team at Emu Caravan Repairs Melbourne.