Popular New Caravan Accessories

With the weather warming up, we’re all dreaming of summer holidays at the beach or some other ideal location. It’s time to think about washing the caravan and getting your hands on some handy caravan accessories for your next trip. We’re looking at the most popular new caravan accessories.

The 40 litre water buggy makes carrying water easy

1. Extra Water Tanks

Having enough water is essential when you’re camping, and if you’re remote, you don’t want to find yourself short. One of the best caravan accessories to have is extra capacity for carrying fresh water.

Extra water tanks can be plumbed into your caravan to provide water for showering or cooking. The simplest way of carrying water is to buy extra water containers and attach special mounting brackets on the back of your caravan to house the containers. One of the best caravan accessories for transporting new water is a water tank on wheels. It will save your back and make fetching water so much easier.

For DIY caravan plumbing, a range of poly tanks in a range of sizes are available. The tanks can be fitted to your caravan or trailer and plumbed with a water pump to make extended holidays more comfortable.

2. Solar Panels

If you want the flexibility of heading off road, then solar panels give you the freedom you need. Portable solar panels come in fold-up styles or suitcase sets and are very affordable, ranging from 80w for $200 to over $400. Perfect for charging phones, tablets, tv and lights.

3. 12 Volt Fan

12 Volt fans are an absolute must if you’re planning on travelling to warmer climates. They can be attached to the wall of your caravan or camper trailer and they are multi directional to provide welcome airflow during warm nights. They use very little energy, so can be used through the day and night.

12 volt fans provide cooling air flow during hot weather.

4. Camping Mat

When you’re camping for a period of time, camping mats are a must-have caravan accessory for keeping dust and dirt out of your sleeping area and having an area where kids can sit outside, away from creepy crawlies.

There are lots of different types of camping mats available. The most popular camping mats are ones made from materials (like the CGear camping mat) that allows dirt to pass through, but not back up from underneath. Originally made for helicopter landings, because they kept sand and dirt away from helicopter pads, the technology is perfect for keeping your outdoor living space clean.

3. Reversing Camera

A reversing camera will make your life so much easier, particularly if you are new to towing. Combined with towing mirrors (which are required by law in Australia if you are towing a caravan or trailer wider than your towing vehicle), a reversing camera assists when you are manouvering a large caravan into a campsite or getting out of a tight spot.

4. Tool Kit

Before you head out on the road its helpful to know some handy tips for travel. One of the essentials for caravan travel is having a repair tool kit. So many things can go wrong when you’re travelling, and having a handy toolkit on board means you can fix most small jobs. Your tool kit can contain as many handy tools and materials as you like, but there are some common things you might consider, including, wheel chocks, screwdrivers, a wrench set, sealant, hammer, electrical and gaffer tape, rags and cleaners.

The Redarc Total Vehicle Management System allows you to monitor and manage multiple systems from your smartphone.

5. Caravan Automation System

Automation is the buzz word these days and caravan automation provides convenience and fun for lovers of technology. The RedVision Total Vehicle Management System is the ultimate management system, allowing you to monitor lots of information straight from your smart phone (android or Apple).

The smart technology allows you to monitor the lights, TV, fridge, inverter, water pump, heater and anything else you want to connect up to the system. You can even monitor your water levels, interior temperature and battery power levels.

6. Caravan Levelling Ramps

One of the first things you need to learn, to ensure a good night’s sleep on your holiday, is how to level a caravan. Levelling your caravan correctly is essential when you’re setting up camp. There are a number of affordable manual caravan levellers on the market to make the job easy, and they don’t cost a lot.

For the perfectionist and gadget enthusiast, you can also purchase electronic levelling devices, such as the EzyLevel, that make the process simple. The electronic leveller is fitted to the towing vehicle, with a transmitter on your caravan. It operates on a battery, and an electronic alert sounds when the caravan is level.

7. Collapsible Accessories

This is one for everyday living. Space is a premium when you’re camping, particularly when you’re camping with kids. Collapsible accessories are not only space saving, they may save you sanity, when you’re living in small quarters. Collapsible plastic storage containers, saucepans, buckets and washing baskets have made their way onto the market and can make a big difference when it comes to easy storage.

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