Washing A Caravan

Owning a caravan provides an enormous amount of fun and adventure for the whole family. At Emu Caravan Repairs we talk a lot about what’s involved in a caravan service, getting important repairs done every 10,000km, and the importance of a DIY caravan check and maintenance. Keeping your caravan clean is a really good way of keeping on top of repairs.

When you’re scrubbing the van, it’s easier to notice dents, scratches and the deterioration of surfaces and seals. Before you get out the high pressure hose, we thought we’d provide some tips on the best approach and tools for washing a caravan.

Don’t Use A High Pressure Hose

Don’t do it! Yep that’s right. Although you love nothing better than going to town on dust, dirt and cobwebs around the house with your high pressure hose, your caravan is definitely not the place to be directing it. The high pressure can damage seals on your caravan, leading to costly water leaks. Using an ordinary garden hose is good enough.

shiny airstream caravan
A freshly cleaned, shiny Airstream caravan

Safety First

Make sure you don’t take risks or cut corners when you are washing a caravan. If you need to get up high, use the correct tools, like a safety ladder and a brush on a pole.  Always make sure you are properly supported.

Get the Right Gear

Rather than grabbing any old sponge you’ve got hanging around, it’s a good idea to make sure you have the right tools for the job. Washing a caravan can be awkward and involves reaching up high. That’s why the best tool is a large sponge or soft brush. A hard bristled brush is no good and will scratch your caravan.  To save your back get a brush that can be attached to a long pole to reach the top of your caravan’s roof or in hard to reach places. You’ll also require a bucket big enough to fit the head of the brush.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

Never use harsh chemicals when washing a caravan. Harsh chemicals can scratch and can deteriorate seals. Ordinary dishwashing detergent and hot water is adequate to clean your caravan.

wash your caravan with a gardenhose
Always wash your caravan with a garden hose. Don’t use a high pressure hose that can damage seals.


The Right Technique

When you wash a caravan, always wash from the very top to the bottom. Although it’s common sense to clean this way, it’s surprising how many people just begin on the sides. If you clean the roof last, you’ll inevitably have to wash the sides of your van again!

When you’ve finished washing a caravan, make sure to dry off the van with a chamois or soft towels and leave it out in the sunshine to fully dry before storing under a cover.

Caravan Care

Winter is a good time to get your caravan spick and span for the warmer weather and attend to some simple winter caravan maintenance tasks. Washing your caravan is an opportunity to check for damage and deterioration Hosing your caravan from overhead will reveal any broken or deteriorating seals. Check on the inside of your van for water.

It’s also a good time to check your caravan awning for tears and mould. Never use harsh chemicals when you clean your canvas awning and follow these helpful tips on how to get rid of mould. If you find mould, clean it with an approved cleaner and get any awning repairs done.

Get A Free Annual Caravan Wash

With the recent expansion of Emu Caravan Repairs workshop in Ferntree Gully, we’re excited to now be offering caravan and trailer owners, convenient and secure caravan storage. This makes us a one stop shop for all your caravan repairs, servicing and storage – all under the same roof.

Even better, we’re providing you a free annual caravan wash when you book your caravan in for storage at our yearly rate. So, if you want the convenience of local caravan storage and servicing close to home PLUS an annual scrub a dub for your van, book your caravan storage with us today.