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Caravan Electrics

Emu Caravan Repairs are experts in fitting a range of caravan electrics to caravans, camper trailers and RVs. We install caravan solar panels and do a complete caravan solar setup. Our electrical professionals will fit and repair 12 volt systems, and solar systems, as well as a range of batteries. Talk to us about your camping or off road requirements. We’ll provide the right advice and make sure you get the system that fits your needs.

Confused about caravan electrics? Find out more about the basics in our blog, Caravan Electrics Explained.

Caravan Electrics

In the “old days” caravan electrics were pretty basic. But then again so was most technology. Today, RVs and caravans have just about everything on board. We live in a much more technology dependant world, so it makes sense that even when we’re taking off on a caravan trip, inspired by the idea of ‘getting away from it all’, we still want to stay connected and take a few of our luxuries with us. This means power. And power means a much more complicated 12volt and 240volt system in your caravan.

12 Volt Caravan Electrics

We repair and install everything 12volt for your caravan, camper trailer or motorhome. If you don’t want to be dependent on expensive park fees to access power for your fridge, lights and and other accessories, or you don’t want to be caught short off-road without power, installing a 12 volt system on your caravan will give you the flexibility to travel independently.

We can assist with repairs, upgrades and modifications to 12 volt systems for camper trailers, and caravan electrics, including 3 way fridges, chargers, inverters, batteries, and solar systems.

Solar Panels for Caravan Electrics

Caravan solar panels allow your batteries to keep charged and give you maximum independence when traveling. You can enjoy free camping and adventure further afield, without requiring a camp ground to charge. High powered solar panels can be installed on the roof, and are also available in easy to set-up, fold-out panels. Talk to us about caravan solar installation in our Melbourne eastern suburbs caravan repair centre.

Battery Chargers

There are different types of batteries available on the market and it is important to make sure batteries are charged correctly in order to prolong their life. We can help you with the right battery charger so that your battery is always charged and ready to go.

The most common battery chargers are multi stage chargers. These typically allow a battery to be fully charged at home and to provide enough power for a weekend of camping in your RV or camper trailer. If you are wanting more self sufficiency, solar panels fitted to your trailer give you maximum freedom to be anywhere and still have a fridge and lights to enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

Find out more about caravan electrics for more self sufficient travel.

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