Best Caravans To Buy Guide

Are you in the market for buying a caravan but aren’t sure what size or type will best suit your needs? Here at Emu Caravan Repairs we know there are a lot of caravans out there, and that it can be confusing to know where to begin. We’ve put together this handy Best Caravans to Buy Guide to help narrow down your options. By working through these buying tips you should be able to find the right caravan to suit your requirements.

The Best Caravans To Buy Guide

1. Do you want to buy a new or used caravan?

The first step in buying a caravan is determining whether you want to buy a new caravan or if you’re ok with a used one. The answer to this largely depends on your budget.

New caravans come equipped with the latest safety features, design comforts and lightweight construction material. You may also be able to custom-build a new caravan to suit your needs. But you’ll pay top dollar if you want all the bells and whistles.

A used caravan may not give you the latest features, but it will be considerably cheaper and you may get more value for money depending on its age and condition. You always need to do your homework when you buy a used caravan, to ensure it’s roadworthy, not stolen and doesn’t have money owing on it. If you feel more comfortable buying from a dealer, make sure your buy from a licenced dealer.

2. What size caravan do you want?

The next question you need to consider when weighing up the best caravans to buy is the size that you want. If it’s just for you and your partner to take a weekend jaunt, then a small compact caravan or ‘pop top’ may be just the ticket. See more about buying and towing a compact caravan.

If you’re looking to buy new, then consider the MDC XT12, a pop top caravan that won the Camper Trailer of the Year for 2018. It has received positive reviews for its ability to handle off road terrain without sacrificing all the comforts of home and has an internal ensuite and toilet.

However, if you’re looking for a large caravan to suit a small family or group, and want more independence and comfort features such as: individual sleeping spaces, separate shower and flushing toilet, hot and cold running and a kitchen/dining area with mod cons, then you’ll be wanting something a bit roomier like the Legend Trackline.

This was one of the top caravans in Australia for 2017 and ideal for extended touring, it’s choc full of contemporary features, and even sports a queen-sized bed. A real home away from home!

Best caravans to buy outback australia
Travelling to the outback of Australia may require more consideration of comfort.

3. How far are you planning to travel in your caravan?

Even if you have a particular trip in mind as the reason for buying a caravan, you also need to consider your long term needs for its usage. The best caravans to buy depend on the frequency of your travel and how far you go.  If you’re mostly planning to use it for short on-road trips in the weekend with your partner then a compact caravan will probably suffice.

But if you’re planning week long trips with your kids or friends, then a large caravan will best suit your needs. Consider off-road capabilities or independent rear suspension to make towing a large caravan easier.

4. What size caravan are you comfortable towing?

Speaking of towing, this is one of the most important considerations when buying a caravan. You might have fallen in love with the Legend Trackline, but if you don’t own a land cruiser to tow a payload of 1100kg then it’s not going to happen, unless you buy a matching vehicle to suit its size.

So you should always check the towing limit of your current vehicle first before rushing out and buying a large caravan, as this will set the maximum weight for what can legally and comfortably tow. Your current vehicle may only be able to legally tow a small caravan or pop top.

safe driving towing weight
Consider the different driving conditions and safety requirements of towing different sized caravans.

5. How much room do you have to store a caravan?

If you’re lucky enough to own a garage or carport that can fit a pop top or compact caravan, then this will be good news for your insurance company. If don’t own a garage or have enough room to store a large caravan, then you’ll have to look at using a self-storage facility.

This is the safest option for small and large caravan storage, though it’s a good idea to consider employing wheel locks and coupling locks just to be on the safe side. Even if you’re storing your caravan in a lockable garage at home you should be vigilant about caravan security.

As you can see there are a lot of factors to consider before buying a caravan! We hope our guide has helped you to weigh up the options when it comes to the best caravans to buy.

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