Best Caravan Cleaning Products

best caravan cleaning products shiny caravan

Best Caravan Cleaning Products

Following on from last month’s blog about washing a caravan, we’ve got some tips on the best caravan cleaning products to use for the job. Like basic caravan maintenance, caravan care isn’t complicated but you do need to know which products to use on different areas. Since you’ve invested a sizeable chunk of cash in buying a caravan, taking care of it should be your next priority.

Let’s get started on the basics, then we’ll recommend some of the best caravan cleaning products for keeping paint and trim in tip top condition.


Caravans have a lot of large surface areas which get exposed to all the elements: rain, dust, bird droppings, mud, and sometimes a lot worse, including wildlife, which can create an ugly real mess. With the right products you can restore lustre to the paintwork.


Use a good quality detergent to clean your caravan exterior, one that you use to clean your car will be fine. Avoid high pressure hoses, a sponge and bucket or brush on a pole will do the trick. Start with the roof first, then the sides. After cleaning wipe with a dry towel or chamois to avoid water spots.

Clay Bar

A clay bar is similar to Blu Tack and is useful for removing stubborn grime and things like sap, dead bugs, bits of tar and bird droppings off the caravan’s duco. To use simply pull off a piece and flatten. Wipe the section you want to clean with soapy water to lubricate it and rub the clay backwards and forwards over the surface to pick up any contaminants.

best caravan cleaning products shiny caravan
Regularly cleaning your caravan and removing grime and stubborn dirt will retain it’s shine.

Window cleaner

Give windows and the windscreen a once over with water and a washcloth. To make them sparkle and shine you’ll want to use a glass window cleaner with a chamois, again a car window cleaner will be fine.

Trim cleaners / restorers

Trim cleaners or trim restorers are best used for your caravan’s rubber trims and can also be used on plastic hardware such as door and window handles. If trims are made of aluminium then it’s best to use an aluminium cleaner and a metal sealer or polish.

Interior cleaners

You can use household cleaning agents for countertops, vinyl floors, carpet and upholstery etc. Just always check that the product is compatible for the surface you’re using it on. 

Awnings and canvases

If you have an awning or canvas, then avoid using any kind of chemical cleaner. Water and a scrubbing brush is best. Dry out in the sun before storing so it doesn’t get mouldy.


Use a good quality fibreglass polish for caravans to remove minor imperfections and improve reflectivity of the paint. Caravan polish will remove the oxidised top layer and keep the good paint underneath looking better for longer between cleans.

Apply a thin coat of caravan polish with a foam applicator and once dry remove with a microfibre cloth, changing to a fresh cloth as required. You’ll need around a dozen cloths to remove the polish residue. 


Waxing is an important step of caravan care, and shouldn’t be overlooked. Fibreglass caravans can become dull from the sun and sustain permanent UV damage. But regular waxing of your caravan will protect it from the elements and keep it looking shiny.

After polishing, apply a thin even coat of wax with a foam wax applicator and wait for the wax to haze usually about 10-15 minutes depending on the wax you’re using and the humidity. Use a microfibre cloth to buff and remove wax residue. You should be left with a showroom shine.

If you want to apply a second coat, wait at least 12 hours for the polymers to set up before you do so. Use a hand polisher to apply and buff wax if you want to save yourself some elbow grease.

Even though you’ll pay more for a good quality wax, like carnauba, your caravan’s paint job will last longer and you won’t need to clean as often.

Best Caravan Cleaning Products to Polish and Wax

Marine Cleaner

a cleaner and wax product that’s typically used for boats but is also recommended for fibreglass caravans. It removes residue and oxidation from paint to restore shine and color, and provides protection from the elements and UV rays.

Purple Polish /Autosol

an excellent metal caravan polish for cleaning all metal surfaces and giving them a high quality shine. Also affords protection from scratches, and can be used on plexiglass to remove light scratches. These products are readily available at Autobarn or Bunnings.

Clean caravan

Emu Caravan Repairs

While general household products are fine for for cleaning your caravan’s exterior and interior, you shouldn’t skimp on the best caravan cleaning products for paint and trim care.

If you want your caravan to last for longer in the Australian environment, then regularly washing, polishing and waxing are important. Don’t forget to protect your caravan by storing it out of the sun too! At Emu Caravan Repairs we offer a free annual wash, when you book annual caravan storage at our yearly rate. Get in touch with us today!

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  1. Bailey Strempel
    February 11, 2020

    I love to camp, and cleaning and maintenance of the caravan is always the most important task.I really appreciate your tips. I love these ideas. Thank you so much.

  2. Danielle Singleton
    March 9, 2020

    Hi, just wondering how much do u charge for a full caravan clean?

    • April 29, 2020

      Hi Danielle,

      Thanks for your question. We don’t do caravan cleaning as a regular service. We offer a free caravan clean when you store your caravan with us for 6 months.

      Hope that helps.